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We all know, it's not about the food!! 

Aren't you tired of failed diet and exercise programs?

What would you do to be in love with your body and achieve a healthy lifestyle? 

The truth is, we all know it's not about the food, fad diet or exercise programs. Many are actually really unhealthy, not sustainable and certainly don't improve our feelings about our body.  So why do we keep doing them? 

Maybe it's the promise of "fast" results with"short-term sacrifice" when in the end, we rebound and start another.  This vicious cycle turns "fast" and "short commitment" into a lifelong battle filled with guilt and self-loathing.  Not great.

So many programs focus on weight, shedding pounds, and fitting into that dress or suit yet do nothing to work on how we feel about ourselves or why we turn to food to cope in emotional or stressful times. It's no wonder people of all shapes and sizes are constantly on a new diet or fitness program but are never truly happy. We never really get to the heart of the matter do we?

That's all about to change with
Hungry Heart.  The book gives you both academic and real-life insights into what drives our behaviour and a practical approach to sustainable change and self-care.



There is a way for us to make better health choices and feel better about ourselves without guilt and shame. Through her own struggles, her education in psychology and real-life successes with clients, Jaime Saibil knew there had to be a better way. After years of development and helping clients achieve success in her private practice, Jaime wants to share her methods with as many people as she can.

Welcome to
Hungry Heart: Break Free From Emotional Eating and Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food. A proven system with clear steps that has already helped countless others make sustainable healthy changes.

In Hungry Heart, Jaime Saibil explores why we turn to food in the face of struggle, and what we can do to change this behaviour. Jaime shows how triggers such as stress, low self-esteem, and perfectionism can lead to unhealthy choices, and that the work that needs to be done is on the mind and the soul, rather than just the body.

Through her accessible approach, which incorporates a combination of research, case studies, and her own personal history of emotional eating, Saibil guides readers with empathy and clinical expertise toward taking their first steps in the journey to self-awareness and physical and mental health.

If you are tired of failed diet and exercise programs, this book will provide you with the tools to begin healing your hungry heart with self-compassion, patience, and forgiveness.


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Jaime Saibil, MA, RP


Jaime is a registered psychotherapist and human resources consultant with more than fifteen years of experience providing counselling in the health care and weight loss industry. She is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and works with both private and corporate clients in a variety of areas, including stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and weight management.

Jaime is one of those who have discovered one of life's secrets to happiness.  Love what you do!  Her work is more than a career, it is part of her purpose to help others live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives. 

After fifteen years of helping clients successfully and sustainably overcome their emotional eating habits and seeing the happiness, it brought them, Jaime was struck with an undeniable conclusion.  This approach she had designed and refined with such success can help so many more people than one on one counselling alone could accomplish.  That's when she set out to write Hungry Heart with the hopes of reaching and helping so many others find the kind of success and happiness her clients have. 

Jaime lives in Toronto with her husband and
four children.

Visit Jaime's Counselling Site at



Ready to break free of emotional eating? 


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"News from the Heart"

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"A must read! I could not put down the book. This is by no means an instructional manual on what to do and not to do. It pulls on your heart strings, as Saibil shares stories about clients and her own experiences with emotional eating. Very insightful and helpful. A brilliant mix between the science/psychology behind this issue and the human struggle. Great book for all, not only those who are struggling. Thrilled I picked up this gem!"

Lucy Benayon - Conscious Parenting& Weight loss Coach, Prenatal/Postnatal Specialist, Childbirth educator, Certified Barre instructor/Personal Trainer
Orange Dot

"Hungry Heart is a beautifully written, poignant, and a perfect blend of personal experience with the compelling stories of others and peppered throughout with thoughtful advice.  Of course, I saw myself in so many examples, as I am sure most readers will. It was relevant and it was helpful. I was already a firm believer in so many of Jaime's "rules" and suggestions which have been so carefully compiled as a self-help guide that's easy to implement. 

This is a book that will impact others and help change their attitudes and approaches.  It's very true that so much that happened in our younger days affects how we nurture ourselves as adults.  And we definitely can change the narrative in our heads. Thanks for showing all of us the way forward.

Robin Mednick, LLB, MA - President and Executive Director at Pencils for Kids, President and  certified as a LifeSAGEr® at This Is My Legacy

"Hungry Heart" is a well written, easy to read book that provides concrete, practical strategies readers can use to make more mindful decisions about food and overall emotional health.  Saibil does an excellent job exploring the root causes of our emotional eating through stories, providing insight into the 'why' of our behaviour and making the reader feel less alone in their struggles. She also provides simple yet effective strategies that can be easily incorporated into daily life, making true change feel attainable.  Saibil's understanding approach and willingness to share her own experiences, along with reasonable and attainable strategies, makes "Hungry Heart" an invaluable read for anyone looking to better understand their food choices and how best to make small, yet meaningful daily changes."

Sue E. - Educator

"Dieting is never easy but understanding why we have negative eating habits is a key tool in tackling weight loss.  Hungry Heart provides its readers with profound insights that help explain negative eating habits such as Stress Eating, Low Self-Esteem, and Perfectionism.  Not only does the book reveal the truth behind these eating triggers, it goes a step further by offering common sense strategies to counteract one's negative eating triggers.  This book is a must read for people who have struggled with weight loss.  Its unique perspective and well-written prose lead the reader to a deeper understanding of their struggle."

Matt R. - SaaS Company Owner


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